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Welcome, this is a collection of things to remember and things to inform current projects.

And it’s a space to allow ideas to cross pollinate and co-mingle.

I hope you’ll find something to take with you that provokes or incites or coaxes you in the direction you’re trying to go. Or maybe you’ll find something simply causes you stop and mull. That would be good too.

Thanks for being here.

3 Thoughts on Leaving

3 Thoughts on Leaving

Three thoughts on leaving:

1.  Adam Moss, the longest serving editor of New York magazine, is leaving after 15 years. He says, "I want to see what my life is like with less ambition." Here's a reaction by someone who worked for Moss about that being one of the most quoted lines of the New York Times article about his departure. In learning of his departure, she says, "There’s nothing quite like stepping off the treadmill to teach you which direction you want to go."

2.  Elizabeth Gilbert discusses what to do when you know it's time to leave here. The whole conversation is worth a listen, but the conversation shifts to ending at minute 39. Further reflection here.

3.  This piece by Amy Poehler in the New Yorker in 2013 contains the greatest wisdom I've ever read on the subject: "It’s important to know when it’s time to turn in your kazoo."

On Technological Mandalas and Internet Sabbath

On Technological Mandalas and Internet Sabbath